Web Design

You don’t have a design for your website? That’s not a problem for us. We can help to distil even the smallest nugget of a design idea into something practical and elegant. Don’t have any ideas? That’s fine too, we’ve literally got ideas in our heads right now!

Web Development and Support

It’s easy to forget the impact that the Internet has had on our lives. Just one part of the internet, the World Wide Web, has dramatically changed the way companies from all industries do business. In the years since Foxsoft Ltd was first founded we have seen websites turn from a fad into a business essential; more important than a fax machine and as essential as the telephone. Whatever your business, having an online presence is a must.

So you have an idea for The-Next-Big-Thing™ or maybe you just need to run your business more efficiently, we can help take your idea and shape it into an easy to use website or application that utilises the latest web technologies.

We create and maintain website database applications, have a simple and pragmatic approach to developing projects and we’re great value for money.


We believe in producing standards compliant, accessible code that works consistently in all major browsers (or any browser you want).

If you need more from your website than you can get from static HTML then we can take your website to a new level of functionality using a scripting language. There are plenty of technologies available for web development and it’s impossible to be an expert in all of them. This is why we have carefully chosen two technologies to specialise in, TYPO3 and Ruby on Rails. Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, which means that we can always use the right tool for the job.